Parents need to be on their feet when it comes to watching over their children to prevent them from harm. Although she was not in imminent danger, her parents tried to free her from a child toilet seat that somehow got stuck around her neck.

The parents tried to take the toilet seat off but failed to do so. They sought help from firefighters from Taunton who rushed to the aid of the three-year-old over in Somerset.

The Taunton fire station got a call on Saturday, July 24, from parents who were asking for help. It was a tricky predicament as responders had to try to find a way to make sure that Izabel would not be harmed.

A white towel was reportedly placed between Izabel and the toilet seat to prevent her from getting injured. As firefighters tried to release her from the Loo seat, the three-year-old sat quietly and watched Peppa Pig as firefighters did their work.

’’On Saturday 24th July 2021, the crew on the station had a running call to assist the parents of Izabell, aged three, to remove a child toilet seat stuck around her neck,” a spokesperson stated. ’’Unfortunately Mom and Dad did try at home but were unsuccessful.”

Firefighters used a saw to slice through the toilet seat that was resting on the child’s shoulders. Photos of the child's toilet seat and the tools used to free her from it were shared online, reportedly with the consent of the parents.

"The Incident stated, the parents have given their consent for us to share,” a post read.

People online who saw the photos gave their comments, someone even joking about it. That same person, later on, said that kidding aside, that she was glad the child was ok and was left unharmed.

Photo of toilet seat after getting sawed off by firefighters.
Photo of toilet seat after getting sawed off by firefighters. Taunton Fire Station Facebook photo.

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