Summer is quickly approaching and nothing screams the tropical season like the beach and pool parties! With summer just around the corner, fitness and lifestyle expert Idalis Velazquez has shared the only workout tips you need to be one step closer or achieve that sexy and healthy body. 

Velazquez, a former elite track and field athlete from Florida, has the mission to help women and men of all backgrounds to stay in shape, have good health and reach their own personal goal. 

The social media sensation and founder of IV Fitness LLC has teamed up with #100PorCientoTu ---a new campaign showcasing Latinos’ self-expression and individuality--- to share some of her best fitness and workout tips for the summer. Check them out below and let's start working!

1.  Prioritize strength training!

Fitness Fitness tips to achieve that summer body! Courtesy: 100 Porciento Tu

If you want a bikini body prioritize strength training in your workout regimen, this is non-negotiable. Here are some benefits to committing to a full-body strength-training program at least three times:

  • Increase your metabolism and burn more calories for 24 to 48 hours post workout.
  • Develop lean muscles to achieve the “toned” look must women want.

Tip - Perform exercises that use more than one muscle group in a circuit to make your workouts efficient and maximize your workout time.

  • ·Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Rows
  • Lunges

2. Give your glutes and core a little extra love!

Fitness Fitness tips to achieve that summer body! Courtesy: 100 Porciento Tu

Your glutes (butt muscles) are the biggest muscles in your body, so working them out is one of the best ways to burn calories. The following exercises will activate your glutes and core muscles to help you get the most out of your workouts and look your best this summer.

  • Hip thrusts
  • Hip bridges
  • Clamshells
  • Planks after warming up and before each workout

3. Add Some Intervals!

Fitness Fitness tips to achieve that summer body! Courtesy: 100 Porciento Tu

To increase fat-loss and expedite results, add some high intensity intervals to your cardio training routine. Studies have shown that these are far more effective in terms of burning body fat than doing steady cardio alone by being time-efficient.

4. Stay in Motion by Sneaking Movement into your day.

Parking further away, choosing the stairs over elevator and adding 3-5 minutes of exercises like plank holds, squats, pushups and lunges during your lunch break can make a big impact in your overall fitness and help you expedite results. Adding these short bursts of movements into your day can help you boost your metabolism and accelerate results.