A five-year-old girl was reportedly killed after she and her friends were attacked by a horde of monkeys as they were playing near the Nakatiya river in Bareilly, the state of Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, the victim identified as Narmada and her friend was crying for help when the attack took place. Villagers were able to rush to the scene and managed to rescue the two minors.

The child’s father, Nand Kishore, revealed how her daughter was crying for help at the time when he arrived at the scene. Narmada was the youngest of his three children.

Per reports, the skin of Narmada was ripped off by the monkeys. She was also bitten almost anywhere in her body and was rushed to the hospital for treatment. The five-year-old eventually died from the injuries she sustained from the attack of the monkeys.

"The monkeys were quite aggressive and had bitten my daughter everywhere. When I reached the spot, my daughter was crying for help," Kishore stated in a report from The Times of India.

According to Ashok Kumar, an officer from the Bithri Chenpur police station, the family has been assured of compensation under the relevant act.

"The locals had demanded that the monkeys be trapped. We advised them to take help from the forest department and gram panchayat office. No FIR is possible in this case,” a statement from the police read.

The unfortunate death of Narmada is the latest in a series of monkey-related attacks in India.

In December, residents watched helplessly and in horror after monkeys allegedly killed 250 dogs in the village of Majalgaon, Maharashtra.

The monkeys reportedly dragged the dogs to the top of buildings and trees before dropping them.

Also in 2020, a mother and her four kids were crushed to death after a wall was brought down by a group of monkeys at their home in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

Monkey kidnap
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