In a new policy shift that might signal a change in how doctors handle unvaccinated patients, a doctor in Florida has announced on Friday, Sept. 3, that she will not be taking in-person appointments anymore to anyone who is unvaccinated.

Dr. Linda Marraccini, a family practice medical doctor based in South Miami, said that starting on Sept. 15, she will no longer accept patients who are unvaccinated for in-person appointments and care, according to NBC affiliate WECT.

“I understand that people are free to choose, but to me, it’s a problem when it affects other people,” Dr. Marraccini said.

She remarked that she was doing this because she had many patients who were taking chemotherapy or are immunocompromised, which could affect those people’s health if they are exposed to the virus firsthand, according to NBC Miami.

“When it comes to the safety of others when it comes to the fact that it’s a global health problem and community health problem, at this point, I really say that this is where it draws the line in the sand for me,” she said.

She has emailed all her patients and has stated that, if the unvaccinated need any help in any health-related matters like prescriptions and the like, she can still be reached via teleconsultations, according to Islander News.

“The Hippocratic Oath is very science-based. I am following the science. I'm applying this to the benefit of the sick,” she said. “Responsibility has to do with each individual. This is a global health issue, and everyone owns part of that responsibility.”

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently signed a bill that would fine businesses and establishments up to $5,000 for asking about the vaccination status of a citizen of the state. However, Attorney Juan Carlos Planas said that it is unlikely that this policy will affect Marraccini.

“She lays out in a medical way how exactly she wants to protect her staff and she specifically states that no medical professional has found many people who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons,” she said.

Florida saw over 120,000 new cases over the weekend and over 2,000 new deaths for a total of over 46,000 dead across the state, according to Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Linda Marraccini has decided to stop seeing unvaccinated patient for in-person care, days before a Florida law fining businesses for asking vaccination proof comes into effect. This is a representational image. Online Marketing/Unsplash.

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