Fauci Says 'Many' Coronavirus Vaccines Being Tested, But Won't Be Available By Fall For School spencerbdavis1/ Pixabay

A 28-year-old Florida man was not vaccinated when he died after contracting COVID-19. His family took steps to help others and made his funeral a vaccine event.

Marquis Davis' wife, Charnese Davis, had kind words for her husband who died on July 26. She described the businessman as a loving husband and a hard working man as well as a father who took care of his siblings when his mom passed away in 2012.

Prior to his death, he started to feel unwell. After testing positive for coronavirus, he quarantined at home but his condition got worse.

In an interview with ABC News, Charnese recalled that her husband was losing his breath while doing simple things like getting up. She didn't find it normal. He was put on an oxygen support, once he was admitted to a hospital. He was hospitalized for about six days and then his family was told that he is not going to make it.

Marquis was initially hesitant to take the jab, but when he was in hospital, he told his wife that he wanted to get vaccinated after he got healthy. “He said, ‘Bae, I’m going to get the vaccine when I get out of here.' So, he was going to get it. I was like ‘Good, I’m so happy you said that, but it’s too late,'" Charnese told WFTV 9.

His wake took place on Friday. It was followed by the vaccine and testing event.

Dr. R. Shaun Ferguson, pastor for Faith Temple Christian Center said, "To see someone that young lose their life, it was devastating for his family, devastating for our community, to see a 28-year-old pass away from COVID-19." He added that he doesn't want to see another person losing their life. The church joined hands with the state to offer the Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer jabs to people. Testing for COVID-19 was also done.

Charnese said that the purpose of holding the event at his funeral was to tell people how dangerous the virus is. According to her, a lot of young adults don’t want to get vaccinated or they think it won’t affect them, but she believes it does affect them. She feels that her husband's death could have been prevented, so she is now encouraging others to get vaccinated so that others don't have to be in the same situation. She feels that the vaccine will let people have a chance to fight.

Gwen Graham, Former member of Congress and former Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida, shared a link to the family's story and encouraged others to get vaccinated.

A candidate who was reportedly interviewed by Ada County Commissioners to fill an open seat in the Idaho Health Board has spread misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic by dubbing the vaccine as "needle rape" and "clot shot." This is a representational image. spencerbdavis1/ Pixabay

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