For folks residing over at the Sunshine Garden Apartments at 6840 Pembroke Road, Wednesday morning will go down as one of the forgettable days for some. At around 8:45 in the morning, a naked man was carrying a bible creating a disturbance, knocking on doors and bothering residents.

It was all reported to the authorities but something happened before they could arrive. As police were headed to the area, another call came in informing them that a shooting had occurred. From a disturbance, the incident escalated with the man running amok shot by one of the residents at the apartment complex.

When the police finally arrived, they found the reported naked man down and bleeding. He suffered a gunshot wound and was immediately taken to the Regional Hospital with a life-threatening bullet wound, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Not long after, the man responsible for shooting the naked man came forward. He informed the police that he wanted to surrender himself, apparently responsible for the shooting.

“He wanted to surrender himself to police,” Pembroke Pines police Major Al Xiques said. “He was detained by police and is being questioned.”

As of this writing, the identities of the naked man and the shooter have not been revealed.

One resident, Destiny Williams, has been at the complex for just about a month. But following the disturbance, she is considering moving out. It turns out that the man knocked on his door about 15 minutes before the shooting went down.

“He was knocking on doors and when you open it he was like, ‘You want some of this?’ pointing to his private area,” she said. “That was crazy.”

Williams added that she had never seen the naked man before. She says that the man does not live there and was clueless as to why the man would run naked around the complex with a Bible in hand.

The news portal was able to talk to the apartment complex owner. According to Boriz Ovrugsky, he was informed about the whole thing by detectives. The case is still under investigation as of press time.

Suspect Handcuffed Representational image. Reuters