In his own right, there is no question that Scottie Pippen had his moments as an NBA champion. He knows what winning is all about although most still see him as Michael Jordan’s sidekick.

But like most NBA stars, Pippen is free to make his assessment on the players of today. He gave his take on Kevin Durant and Ben Simmons but drew up some questions about his pro basketball career run.

As far as Durant, Pippen feels that the Brooklyn Nets star tried to do too much and failed to utilize his teammates. When the game was on the line, he was too exhausted and failed to nail the game-winning shot.

The former Chicago Bulls player acknowledged that Durant is a better scorer than LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers. But the difference between the two is that James is wiser when it comes to winning time. In all, he feels that Durant is a scorer but lacks something the four-time NBA champion has.

Durant caught word of Pippen’s comments and fired back. That included a moment when the Bulls great refused to go in the game to take a last-second shot. Pippen allegedly felt that the coach drew up the play for a better shooter.

Other than that, Durant also barked the time when Pippen opted to enjoy his summer to get rehab. There was also that time when the Bulls cager sat out a game because of migraine. In all, it was a revelation of the bad memories that Pippen had during his heyday.

Aside from Durant, Pippen also weighed in on Ben Simmons and Giannis Antetokounmpo. He acknowledged that both were bad free-throw shooters. But there was a difference.

The Greek Freak could miss free throws but once he gets another chance, he would make up for it big time. He would not pass up a shot. And that decision of passing up big shots is what Simmons has been drawing flak for.

Philadelphia 76ers coach Doc Rivers was also not spared. Pippen questioned why Rivers continued to use Simmons continued to play the Australian cager despite the poor play. As far as he is concerned, Simmons should have been benched in the fourth quarter.

Pippen is no stranger to criticism. He is promoting his book titled “Unguarded,” something that may contain controversies and explanations in his colorful basketball career.

Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen Getty Images | Allen Berezovsky

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