Victorian County Court in Australia sentenced a septuagenarian for sexual assault of a victim in her 20s. 75-year-old Michael Stelios Sergides had reportedly attacked his client after making her visit his home for a massage. He forcefully touched the woman’s genitals and breasts even after the woman refused his advances. He has been handed a prison term for the attack that took place three years ago.

The unnamed victim of sexual assault told the court how the massage therapist she trusted ended up abusing her. In June 2018 the woman had been looking for a massage therapist for a deep tissue massage. She had been feeling soreness and fatigue so she decided to find a masseuse online to alleviate her discomfort.

Looking for mobile massage service to come to her home she discovered Sergides on the British-based online classified website, Gumtree, The Daily Mail reported. He was supposed to visit the client’s home for the massage. However, he later told the woman that his car had broken down so he would not be able to travel. He lured the woman to his home in Berwick, Melbourne for the massage.

In Sergides’ home, the woman was told to take off her panties as it would come in the way of the massage. The client reluctantly heeded the massage therapist’s instructions. Once the massage began, the man kept massaging the victim’s vagina and buttocks for around 30-minutes, 7 News reported. He massaged the woman’s breasts without her consent.

He even asked the woman if she wanted her vagina rubbed. A service which the terrified victim refused. After the invasive and unwanted sexual “massage” was over, the woman paid the man AUD 60 ($44) and left.

Leaving the home, the woman called a friend. She immediately reported the incident to the police. She underwent medical and forensic examination during with DNA samples were collected. Sergides was charged with one count of rape and one count of sexual assault.

Sergides had worked as an architect, musician, gymnastics teacher and real estate agent before becoming a masseuse, The Age reported. In court, he pleaded not guilty to the charges. On Tuesday, August 10 he was found guilty on both charges. He has been sentenced to a minimum of three years and six months following which he will be eligible for parole. His conviction means that he will no longer be able to sponsor his Filipino wife’s visa.

Rape Victim
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