A "hot-tempered" Bitcoin trader, who claimed he “went crazy” when he strangled his flight stewardess girlfriend to death in a bathtub, has been convicted of her murder, a Russian court has bared.

A jury sentenced killer Nikita Enin, 27, to nine years behind bars in a strict regime penal colony following the brutal murder of his girlfriend Albina Mukhametzyanova, 23, who was found lifeless and with strangulation marks on her neck in the bathtub of their Moscow hotel suite in 2019.

In a video released by the Russian Investigative Committee, Enin maintained that he killed the flight attendant "unintentionally" after an argument following an overnight stay in a hotel at the city’s Vnukovo airport.

Enin's camp argued in a court hearing that he was mentally ill and needed treatment, reported The Irish Sun.

However, the judge upheld that he was sane and convicted Enin after Russia’s Serbsky Centre for Social and Forensic Psychiatry concluded that while he is “explosive” and a “hot-tempered egoist,” Enin was aware of the consequences of his actions when he killed Mukhametzyanova.

According to the cryptocurrency specialist, he was overcome with jealousy after snooping on the woman's social media accounts and reading intimate messages from other men. He allegedly confronted the stewardess, who he thought was cheating on him, before strangling her to death out of rage.

"She began to speak louder, louder, louder and I just ... went crazy," Enin said.

Staff later found the corpse of the stewardess who worked for an airline called I FLY with services to China, Vietnam, and Russian cities. They promptly reported to legal authorities about their grim discovery, The Mirror noted.

Responding officers said that the woman's clothed body was found in a bath “full of water” at the hotel facility where they regularly meet.

The couple had reportedly just patched things up after a bad split. The victim had been scared for her life after the man had previously tried to strangle her during a much earlier row, according to her friends.

CCTV footage from the venue revealed that the suspect approached the reception area to extend the room accommodation for another 24 hours before vanishing in a taxi, sparking a major manhunt.

The knife-wielding man, later tracked by police, reportedly resisted arrest and threatened to stab officers but caved after officers shot into the air.

Mukhametzyanova's grieving family and friends expressed their utter sadness following her brutal death. They described the woman as a very positive person and the life of the party, Daily Star noted.

“She was so happy and beautiful. I cannot believe that we will never see her again,” her sister Landysh, 27, said.

The victim had recently moved to Moscow from Naberezhnye Chelny three months before her death, keen to pursue her career as a flight attendant, which was her lifelong dream.

Authorities are urging victims of domestic abuse or anyone aware of any incident related to the offense to contact SupportLine on 01708 765200 for help.

Bitcoin specialist Nikita Enin will serve nine years jailtime over the brutal murder of his stewardess girlfriend, Albina Mukhametzyanova, who was found lifeless and with strangulation marks to her neck in the bathtub of a Moscow hotel suite in 2019. Police of Russia

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