Tywin Lannister
Despite Tywin Lannister's death in the Season 4 finale episode "The Children," Charles Dance who portrays the villainous Tywin confirmed that his character will be returning to "Game of Thrones" for specific appearances in Season 5. HBO

Season 4 of “Game of Thrones” showcased several deaths, however none were as impactful as the murder of the patriarch, father and former hand of the king, Tywin Lannister. Played by British actor, Charles Dance, Tywin was viciously killed by his youngest son, Tyrion, all the while attempting to relieve himself on the latrine. Tyrion escaped from the black cells with the help of his brother Jamie, despite initially being confined there for the poisoning of his biological son and the King of Westeros, Joffrey Baratheon. As Jamie let his brother free with the hopes of him finding refuge, Tyrion uses the opportunity to enact revenge, discovering a cross bow and shooting his father directly into the bowels after he refused to answer questions in regards to his first wife, Tysha.

The murder which occurred in the Season 4 finale episode “The Children” will have residual effects in the forthcoming season. Though Tyrion does escape King’s Landing after the murder of his father, he is haunted by his actions and the catastrophic fall out that has not only impacted his life but the life of his family as they wage war in the game of thrones. He leaves the capital for the East, contemplating the whole way one question, “where do whores go?” Though the phrase may seemingly connect to Tyrion’s affinity for women and brothels, the contemplation goes deeper than that. Tyrion’s first wife, Tysha, was forced by his father to have sex with members of the Lannister guard to prove to Tyrion that she was nothing more than a whore—someone who is considered not worthy of a marriage to a Lannister. However, after Jamie revealed that Tysha was not a whore, but a peasant girl genuinely in love with him, Tyrion has since been searching for her, and presumably seeking out a true relationship that possess not political motivators, which he has not ever had with other women, or even his power-hungry family.

In an interview with The Daily Beast, actor Charles Dance revealed that despite his character’s death in Season 4 finale of “Game of Thrones” he will be returning for the forthcoming season. However, Tywin will not be returning as a full time cast member, though he will be making an appearance. “Only my body,” Charles reveals when asked if he’ll be seen in Season 5. “I don’t wake up in the shower having had a dream about it all,” Charles jokes, clarifying that his character is truly dead. In addition to a funeral scene which is likely to be included in Season 5, Dance may return to “Game of Thrones” in flashbacks and visions in the mind of his son Tyrion.

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