"Game of Thrones" character Myranda, played by actress Charlotte Pope, will reportedly be replacing an original George R.R. martin character, Jeyne Poole. HBO

Season 5 of “Game of Thrones” is still a ways off which means that filming and casting is still underway, and a new casting report has revealed that the action in the North of Westeros will start back up again. Following the decimation of Winterfell and the North’s ruling family, the Starks, the area hasn’t seen much of the action. The last we saw of the North, Roose Bolton’s massive army was marching to Winterfell, with his bastard son Ramsay and also the former ward of the Starks, Theon Greyjoy, along for the journey. The casting news revealed that a character, whom “Game of Thrones” have seen in the third and fourth seasons of the series, will be gaining a lot more screen time in the fifth and forthcoming season.

Myranda, played by actress Charlotte Pope, is the brutal Ramsay Bolton’s mate, girlfriend, and fellow torturer. She was featured in two episodes of Season 4 working alongside Bolton to sexually tease Theon who is later castrated graphically by the sadistic Bolton. Following her seemingly good work with Theon, Myranda is seen hunting in the woods with Ramsay, the scene takes a sinister turn when it is revealed that the pair are hunting a young female, Tansy, who Myranda is jealous of due to her beauty. It has been confirmed that Myranda’s role will increase in Season 5 to 4 episodes out of the 10-episode season.

While the TV series is seriously diverging from George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” in Season 5, fans are still speculating about Myranda’s increased role. Her character who does not exist in the book series, may be taking over for a lesser known GRRM character—Jeyne Poole. Season 5 will feature the Bolton’s marching on Winterfell and attempting to control the territory due to Roose Bolton’s newly appointed Warden of the North title, and though the group is poised for war they are also making some less bloody political moves. Ramsay Bolton, under the direction of his father Roose, will be ordered to marry Arya Stark, the seemingly last remaining heir of Winterfell. However, fans know that Arya has not been in Winterfell since Season 1 and is currently in route to Braavos, however the secluded folk of the North know nothing of her movements.

This will prompt the Bolton’s to create a fake Arya, in the book series the role of fake Arya Stark and future bride of Ramsay is played reluctantly by Sansa Stark’s former friend from the castle Jeyne Poole, although it seems that in the TV series, this deceitful scheme will be played out by Myranda. The move makes sense, “Game of Thrones” already possesses the largest ensemble cast on TV and the series creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have already confirmed that the difference between the books and show will be the greatest in Season 5.

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