Season 5 of “Game of Thrones” is set to be different from not only the first four seasons of the series, but also the books, “A Song of Ice and Fire” from which the HBO show is based off of. But the structure of the series is not the only thing set to transform, several main characters of the series’ ensemble cast will be undergoing something of a metamorphosis. One of these character in particular is Sansa Stark, who has been making rather big changes from her start on the series as the daughter of Eddard Stark, tucked away in the North under the wing of her loving mother. However now after losing both her mother, father, and elder brother, Sansa has cemented herself as a serious player in the “Game of Thrones.”

In a new interview with Hero Complex, Sophie Turner, who portrays Sansa Stark on the series revealed that her characters will be experiencing even more of a transformation in Season 5. Turner stated, “There’s a big change for [Sansa] this season and there’s a few familiar faces around.” The big changes that are set to occur for Sansa have been hinted at before, after being seemingly rescued from Joffrey and Cersei Lannister, Sansa ended up in the hands of an equally powerful manipulator -- a rather creepy and somewhat incestuous feeling kiss in episode 7 of Season 4 “Mockingbird,” Sansa has realized the power she holds in terms of female sexuality. In the Season 4 finale “The Children” Sansa dyes her trademark orange hair to match the color of her late mother, Catelyn’s dark auburn hair, further inciting Littlefinger’s attraction for her.

Sansa and Littlefinger Kiss Littlefinger made his intentions known to the young and vulnerable Sansa Stark in Season 4 episode 7 "Mockingbird." Following this fateful kiss, Littlefinger viciously murdered his new wife Lysa Arryn after she threatened Sansa, who is also her niece. HBO

So what could the big changes be for Sansa? Well fans have speculated that Sansa will start out the season using her sexuality to continue to manipulate Littlefinger, and any other foes that stand in her way. But the “big change” could be Sansa’s departure from simply playing with her sexual power, and actual start using it. Sansa has grown up a lot since the inception of “Game of Thrones” and in Westeros terms she is well beyond the marrying and sexual active age, so fans may be seeing a lot more of Sansa then they have seen in the past!

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