“Game of Thrones” fans have been dying for any word on George R.R. Martin’s forthcoming novel, “The Winds of Winter” but a new report may be leaving fans wishing they didn’t hear the recent news. The author who is notorious for killing off major characters has just sent out an even more menacing warning than Daenerys Targaryen’s ominous “Valar Morghulis” tagline. In a recent interview GRRM claimed that the storyline progression in the sixth installment of his seven book series has provided him ample opportunity to eliminate characters, meaning that the current state of the “Game of Thrones” tale is at it’s death sentence stage, send out a warning to all living Starks.

In the interview GRRM clarified, “The way my books are structured, everyone was together, then they all went their separate ways and the story deltas out like that,” he said, “and now it’s getting to the point where the story is beginning to delta back in, and the viewpoint characters are occasionally meeting up with each other now and being in the same point at the same time, which gives me a lot more flexibility for killing people.”

At the conclusion of “A Dance of Dragons” Martin left several cliffhangers, more than any of his past installment. Many characters lives were left hanging in the balance, and several characters were en route to revisit family members, enemies, or former allies. The fact that GRRM has actually acknowledge the large number of deaths set to occur in “The Winds of Winter” means there are going to be numerous, and probably an unnecessary amount in terms of fans standards. However, while GRRM did admit that he is set to break fans hearts again and kill off several characters, he didn’t explicitly mention any characters or plotlines. He did, however, mention that the characters who will be in danger of losing their heads (RIP Ned Stark) are the ones whose story arcs will led them to another point of view character in “The Winds of Winter.” Going off of this theory we have a few options as to why GRRM will be be-heading in book 6, beware major tearjerkers and plot spoilers ahead!

The first characters on my list are Jamie Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. At the end of “A Dance with Dragons” Brienne was left with a choice, mainly what vow to honor, in addition to valuing her own life. From what fans have gather Brienne is set to led Jamie Lannister right into the vengeful hands of Lady Stoneheart, and while Jamie has been on the straight and narrow for the last few books, he certainly has some bad karma coming his way when he meets the reanimated Catelyn Stark, lets not forget he pushed her son from a tower, paralyzing him. My guess is that Jamie Lannister dies after finally shedding his Lannister skin and becoming a good person, because GRRM has a tendency to eliminate good and noble characters.

My next character who I think/hope will be killed off is Theon Greyjoy, personally I’ve wanted him to die for a while mainly because I couldn’t take reading about his brutal torture. However, I think his purpose has been served in the overall story of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” with his role in the Battle of Winterfell, Theon will most likely stick around for the beginning of “The Winds of Winter,” maybe he will even find peace within the castle that served as his home for so many years before being executed by either Ramsay Bolton or Stannis Baratheon.

South of the Seven Kingdoms in Essos, there is serious trouble brewing. Following Dany’s departure from Meereen and her perilous run in with her once discarded khalasar, Dany’s life hangs in the balance. However, there is so much left to her story I can’t imagine GRRM would kill her off in TWOW, but that guarantee doesn't transfer over to Ser Barristan Selmy. Meereen is sure to fall into chaos, and Barristan’s knights won’t be able to keep him safe for long. With Dany’s return likely and Barristan loyalty to her, fans will most likely see the old knight’s demise will protecting his Queen.

Last but certainly not least, Tyrion Lannister. While I admittedly have seen the imp sticking around until the end of the ultimate “Game of Thrones,” GRRM comments about POV characters coming together and later dying has me nervous. Tyrion is in Essos following his escape from King’s Landing, and fans know that he will most likely encounter the Mother of Dragons, so could this be the end of Tyrion after he reunited with Dany? Maybe. Only time and GRRM will tell!