The last episode of Season 4 is set to premiere on Sunday, June 14 and despite the episode serving as the season finale for “Game of Thrones,” fans should expect a ton of action to unfold. “The Children” will tie up many of the loss ends Season 4 has left unfinished. Although while there will be some deadly conclusions, there will be a ton of cliff hangers to leave fans questioning the characters next steps for “Game of Thrones” forthcoming Season 5. The Season 4 finale episode has an extended run time of 66 minutes, the longer format episode will provided director Alex Graves to most likely touch upon each of “Game of Thrones” growing storylines. Graves told the Huffington Post, “Wait till you see episode 10. The finale is really a finale. It’s not the episode after episode nine, it’s the big one.”

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Season 4 of “Game of Thrones.” If you do not want to know what will occur in forthcoming episodes do not read any further.

The synopsis for Season 4 episode 10 reads, "Circumstances change after an unexpected arrival from north of the Wall; Dany must face harsh realities; Bran learns more about his destiny; Tyrion sees the truth about his situation." So what exactly is set to happen, well, quite frankly a lot and each of the seven kingdoms of Westeros will be getting in on the dramatic action. But the main revelation of the Season 4 finale will be the fate of Tyrion Lannister who is currently sentenced to death for the poisoning of his King and nephew, Joffrey Baratheon. Following the death of Tyrion’s champion, Oberyn Martell, in the gruesome trial by combat, featured in episode 8, “The Mountain and the Viper,” Tyrion’s death sentence has been looming. And in episode 10 “The Children,” fans will finally see the conclusion of this season long trial, his father Tywin Lannister will sentence Tyrion to death, but the clever imp will not lose his head.

Jamie Lannister pays one more visit to Tyrion the night before he is set to be executed and frees him from the black cells with the help of a reluctant Varys. During Tyrion’s escape, Jamie reveals a chilling secret from his and Tyrion’s past, which in turn causes Tyrion to see “the truth about his situation." The situation that Tyrion is enlightened about is not necessarily his impending death, but instead his perpetually volatile relationship with his father. Tywin and Tyrion’s stranded relationship began long before the Lannisters arrived in Kings Landing, his father disapproval of his actions were displayed when Tyrion fell in love for the first time.

Long before Shea, Tyrion was in another relationship, her name was Tysha and she was his first true love. Tyrion met Tysha on “a lonely road,” she was being accosted by a group of men, Jamie drove off the men and Tyrion comforted her. He fell deeply in love with Tysha and decided to marry her. However not all were approving of the young couple, Tywin Lannister was dismayed by his son’s marriage, and insisted that Jamie lie to his younger brother and “expose” Tysha as a whore, who was merely playing the young imp. 

George R.R. Martin’s “A Game of Thrones” reveals that Tywin passed the young girl among his guards to have sex with her, for each guard, he gave her silver. To drive the lesson home, Tywin forced his son to be the last man, for whom Tysha was paid a gold coin, because Lannisters were worth more. Before giving his younger brother his freedom, Jamie also gifts him with the truth about Tysha. Despite his father’s acts, Tysha was not a whore; Jamie admits that Tywin instructed him to lie to his younger brother and insist that the love was not true, but in truth, Jamie finally admits that Tysha “was what she seemed to be.”

Despite Jamie’s best attempts to calm Tyrion’s distress, the imp has no use for him any longer and dismisses his affection, he promises retribution against his brother for his betrayal. In an attempt to wound Jamie, as his lies hurt him, Tyrion reveals Cersei’s infidelities, and then falsely takes claim for the death of their son.  He then leaves the black cells alone, with one thing on his mind—Tywin. Tyrion will find Tywin, but not before discovering Shae sleeping soundly in his father’s bed. In a fit of rage, Tyrion will strangle Shae for her betrayal, befor setting his sights on his father who is casually on the chamber pot.

Tyrion arms himself with a crossbow and asks his father about Tysha, and insists he tell him what happened to his first wife. Tywin, undeterred by his son’s escape from the black cells says that he does not remember what became of Tysha and simply states she went “wherever whores go.” Tyrion finally realizing that his father has never cared for his feelings shots his father in the bowels with the crossbow and kills him on his chamber pot. Despite killing his father, and former lover, dismissing his brother Jamie, Tyrion seems to get the last laugh of the Lannisters. In George R.R. Martin’s “A Storm of Swords” as he makes his escape out of the Red Keep, Tyrion quips “But the stink that filled the privy gave ample evidence that the oft-repeated jape about his father was just another lie. Lord Tywin Lannister did not, in the end, shit gold.”

After the death of Tywin, Tyrion makes his way to the harbor and flees across the Narrow Sea to an unknown destination that Varys arranged. And while he may be out of harm’s way for the moment, Season 4 will most likely end with Cersei offering a lordship to any man who brings her Tyrion’s head. A reward like that will travel to all parts of Westeros, including Essos; Tyrion’s dangerous next chapter is really just beginning with his escape.

In episode 8, “The Mountain and the Viper” Tywin’s impeding death was hinted at, seemingly unknowingly by Littlefinger. When counseling Robyn Arryn, Littlefinger claimed, “People die at their dinner tables. They die in their beds. They die squatting over their chamber pots. Everybody dies sooner or later. And don’t worry about your death. Worry about your life. Take charge of your life for as long as it lasts.” Another death that is foreshadowed in this quote is Shea’s.

Fans last saw Tyrion’s girlfriend or “whore” as she described herself, at his trail where Cersei Lannister had clearly influenced her. After testifying against Tyrion, many fans expected her to be disposed of by Cersei, now that she had served her purpose of condemning the imp to death. However it seems that Tywin knew in fact where whores go and Tyrion strangling her with a golden Lannister lion chain ultimately killed her in her bed.