'Gears of War'
"Gears of War 4" news, rumors and speculations. XboxWire/Screenshot

The forthcoming title "Gears of War 4" will include in-game purchases for cosmetic items. The game will use cards that players will need to collect in order to turn in for character customizations.

In a recent interview with GameSpot, Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson explained how these cards will work and what exactly they'll be used for. Fergusson said:

"I feel like that paradigm of cards is really clear to understand for collectibles, like the ability to collect things. We had weapon skins and character skins, so that idea of collecting cards is just easily understood."

Fergusson revealed the process of the crates is similar to buying "Magic: The Gathering" booster packs, but hopes that the way characters get these cards will keep them engaged.

Getting these cards are quite simple, they come in crates and will have different rarity levels. Fergusson said these crates can be earned through gameplay as well as using real money to buy them.

"We're going to be balanced where you're going to be constantly getting crates, or enough credits to get crates through the game, so it really is just about your choice," said Fergusson.

Meanwhile, In a recent interview with Game Informer (which you can watch below), Fergusson discusses how the development team goes about censoring its own content.

"Gore is important for obvious reasons, and swearing is too," said Fergusson. "...generally what we tend to do is take the hardest of the hard off because we didn't want to 'over-bleepify' our game... We tend to look at what's on radio and we tend to go a bit further than that."

Fergusson continued explaining what type of explicit language he removes and why he keeps other mature words.

"Basically, it's anything around the work f**k tends to get turned off. I tend to keep the s**ts, I tend to keep the b***h, tend to keep goddammits, that kind of stuff, just because it speaks to the characters," Fergusson said. "When you turn the mature language off, you're basically not going to hear the word f**k anymore."

"Gears of War 4" will release in October, but its multiplayer beta begins April 18.

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