Some of the Somerset people are claiming that a ghost uses expletives to chase off people.

According to Mirror, ghost hunters were called to Quantock Hills in Somerset over reports an angry ghost appearing as a “woman in white” has been telling people to “f*** off." The rude ghost is said to haunt an area called Dead Woman's Ditch at Over Stowey, Somerset in England, reported Somerset Live. The site on the Quantock Hills was named following Jane Walford's murder by her husband John in 1789.

Ghost hunters Christine and Dave Thomas, also a couple, started an investigation into the paranormal being back in 2020. Christine said that she was shouted at and told to “f*** off” by the ''nasty, evil spirits." She added that she and Dave picked up on a voice before being ordered to leave. The couple claimed to have had similar encounters there, with the ghost of a murderer from the 18th century.

Dave feels that there is definitely something there, and that his wife "has experienced it for a long time." According to him, there are two types of voices. He said that there's the "residual memories being replayed which people pick up on without being able to communicate with." The other one, according to him, are "voices you can interact with, which you can have an exchange with, which can answer questions." He believes that not all, but some "can be quite nasty, evil spirits."

Others living in the area have also reported having seen a ghost there. One claimed, "When I was about 17 on my way home from work, driving along a cold road, I saw a bright white figure on the side of the road so I slowed down." According to that person, it appeared to be a "woman completely dressed in white, old-fashioned clothing." Then that person "just drove home in complete shock."

Daily Mail reported that a local woman, Shelley Brereton, said that "two women died" in the area or at least the body of a second one was found in 1988, so "maybe she is the one haunting people."

Representational image of people dressed as ghosts
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