The finale for “The Gifted” Season 2 tragically ended when the series killed off one of its heroes. The series killed off Reed Strucker, portrayed by the show’s top-billed actor Stephen Meyer. The big ending was a safe call, considering FOX has not renewed the show yet for a Season 3.

“The Gifted” Season 2 gave an unexpected twist of all when the finale, titled “Omens,” indicated that Reed Strucker apparently had become a persecutor to protect his family. He is convinced that everything that’s currently happening has a purpose. As every series goes, “The Gifted” supreme villain, Reeva Payge, cannot be defeated. And so the only way to beat her is through a sacrifice.

Season 2 finale highlighted each heroes’ powers as it switches fighting scenes from one character to another. In order for his family to be saved, Reed has to sacrifice himself. It surprised viewers since Moye’s character is one of the main characters in the series.

Unfortunately for fans, Reed exploded along with Reeva. Moyer being killed off in “The Gifted” Season 2 finale coincides with the network’s silence on the series’ Season 3 renewal, which led to speculations on the show being canceled.

While FOX has to release its official statement, it is not impossible that “The Gifted” will not be renewed for a third season. Season 2 received not-so-favorable ratings. The second season debuted with 2.58 million viewers. It quickly slipped when episode 2 aired with only 2.25 million viewers.

The finale episode, however, decreased to 1.60 million viewers, a huge drop from its debut episode. The figures were alarming for a series.

If FOX cancels “The Gifted,” it is not the first Marvel-based non-movie series that got canceled. Streaming giant Netflix had removed all its Marvel-based shows earlier last year. “The Punisher” and “Jessica Jones” were the last one to be called off.

According to reports, one possible reason for Netflix pulling off its cord to its Marvel series is its conflict with Disney, owner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series. It makes sense as Netflix would be advertising its competitor if it continues to air these shows.

“The Gifted,” however, may possibly see a future with a streaming company, creator Matt Nix teased. Nixx looks forward to returning “creatively” through a streaming platform if given a chance.