There is a new and exciting addition to the “Red Table Talk” franchise on Facebook Watch. Right on time for Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, the social media platform premieres “Red Table Talk: The Estefans” featuring music icon and Grammy winner Gloria Estefan, her daughter and rising musician Emily Estefan and her niece and Daytime Emmy Award-winning Lili Estefan – three generations of women coming together for a new series of candid conversations with family, celebrity friends and more.

The show is the Spanglish version of the American web television talk show under the same name, starring Jada Pinkett SmithWillow Smith, and Adrienne Banfield-Norris. During the series, no topic is off-limits, and the Estefans would be bringing their opinions and life experiences to the iconic table and their communities. 

During the first episode, Lili Estefan gives details about how her husband's cheating scandal and blackmailing ended up in a divorce. “For our first Red Table, we are starting with something extremely personal. A few years ago, Lili went through a very painful divorce from her husband of 25-years. It was a scandal that made international headlines, and we have never spoken about it publicly,” said Gloria Estefan. 

“2017 was supposed to be a great year for me. I was a very accomplished woman in my career… my husband, who protects me; he was a very accomplished guy. I had two beautiful kids, and I was celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary,” said Lili Estefan. “I really thought I had a perfect life...I was so wrong.” 

The T.V host continued by revealing how her ex-husband, Cuban businessman Lorenzo Lauces, told her that he was having an affair. “My husband says ‘I have to talk to you, I have to tell you something,’” she recalls. “He says 'a paparazzi caught me with another woman, and they’re asking $200,000 for the pictures'.” 

To Lili Estefan's surprise everyone at Univision (Lili’s workplace), knew before her. “... he [Lorenzo Lauces] told me that everyone at work already knew,’” revealed Gloria Estefan. “More than a week before Lili’s husband told her the bombshell news, the paparazzi visited every major entertainment magazine and TV show. Their first stop - Univision - where Lili has worked for nearly two decades.” 

“For 10 days, everyone at Univision knew that Lili’s husband was cheating, except her,” the  "Conga" singer said. 

“When I find out...the pictures were taken to my job, to my colleagues, to the producers of my show, to Univision, my second home for 30 years...I was flipping out,” Lili Estefan added. “Imagine, right from the beginning, I was just feeling so humiliated privately, and then publicly.” 

Watch the complete first episode of "Red Table Talk: The Estefans" below. 

“Red Table Talk: The Estefans” is produced by Westbrook Studios, with Jada Pinkett Smith, Gloria Estefan, Ellen Rakieten and Miguel Melendez serving as executive producers.