A mutant goat has garnered the attention of the social media world after it was born with no tail and has a human-like face over in Gujarat. Images and clips of the baby goat spread online after it was born over in Seltipada village on the banks of river Tapi in Songadh taluka.

The baby goat had the usual four legs and two ears but had no tail. But of all the traits it had, it was the eerie-looking face that drew attention. People are now worshipping it like a god with the rest of its body parts looking like a human.

The mutant animal was born at the house of a farmer named Ajaybhai Vasava. Based on the images of the goat, it had a forehead, eyes, mouth and a beard that resembled that of a human. The sad part about this is that the goat survived only for ten minutes before passing away. The video of it can be found below.

Before the goat was buried, locals worshipped it like a god. In India, it is common for mutant animals to attract attention with most believing it is a sign from god.

This is not the first time that animals born with mutant-life features have come out. In February, a man from Florida was stunned when he reeled in a fish that appeared to have human-like teeth. But when looked upon closely, it appeared to be rows of teeth that are similar to that of a shark.

Most have two to three roses that have very strong bite power. It may not be enough to bite a finger but will make one fear of getting near the teeth again according to the fisherman who reeled it in named Pau.

Mutant goat with human-like face born and then dies in India Mutant goat with human-like face born and then dies in India screen grab from @ZeeNewsEnglish Twitter account