It has been a couple days of frustration from fans of the Mexican National Soccer Team after their elimination from the World Cup last Sunday. The match had been dominated by Mexico and a slip-up made Netherlands tie the game. What has caused controversy was a play where Arjen Robben, from Netherlands, is allegedly tripped by Rafa Márquez, which causes the referee to call a penalty. This shot ultimately sealed both teams faith in the tournament with Netherlands advancing to the quarter finals and México having to pack up their bags and go back home. The call has been highly debated, with the majority stating Robben took a dive and it was not a foul.

A very creative user has taken all this controversy to create a funny animation and mocking the situation. Google has been changing their logo everyday illustrating the matches that are playing or coming up. This ingenous person recreated the foul play as a Google doodle. Each of the Google letters are represented with the second "g" colored in orange, representing Netherlands. The "g" kicks the ball and runs after it and all of a sudden it takes a dive and the referee pulls out a yellow card. It's a very cute animation and even more hilarious is the "e" that we can only assume is Mexico's goalie, Memo Ochoa. It's covered in red with a little bit of hair, that resembles Memo's curly hair. WATCH the vine down below and tell us what you think!

Miguel "El Piojo" Herrera is not playing victim and owning up to his errors and blaming the loss on El Tri. "We were guilty to come to that instance like I told the team, not keeping our eye on the ball, we were talking about being attentive to the rebounds and stopped balls," he said in an interview with Televisa.  "That goal [the first one from Netherlands] brought morale down, I made the change [substitute with Javier Aquino] so we could have more opportunities. With the nerves of trying to change the game and for the over time, this play that caused controversy with Robben scoring 2-1."