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Pedro shouldn't win the Telemundo show, but probably will anyway. Telemundo

The finale of "Gran Hermano US" is this weekend and only four housemates remain. Jommart, Yaya, Domingo and Pedro are the remaining contestants hoping for the public's vote and to be named the Season 1 winner. The top prize of this show is $250,000 for that lucky man or woman that has endured this experienced since it started back in January. Contestants were monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They did not have any private moments and everything was captured on camera. All of them were thrown into twists and up for eviction, which the public ultimately ended up saving. There's one name in particular on the final four that we don't think should win and here are our reasons:

1. Pedro shouldn't win because... he is a xenophobe. The man has insulted Mexicans. The irony is that the house is in Mexico and most likely all of the production on the show is Mexican as well. How could he still be in the house after such horrific remarks? We haven't let Donald Trump get away with it, why would we allow Pedro to? Even within this game, many people on social media said that they voted to evict Iselis, because she had made xenophobic remarks. Why the double standard?

2. Pedro shouldn't win because... he is misogynistic. There were numerous times where he treated women in the worst possible way. Rewarding him with the cash prize is accepting his "macho" way of thinking.

3. Pedro shouldn't win because... he is a traitor. We all saw how he jumped from one girl to the next. How could he do that? It was probably a strategic move, but Maday wasn't forgiven from moving on to Pedro after Dante, why is he given a pass? Another double standard here?

4. Pedro shouldn't win because... he wasn't genuine. Yes, the "Gran Hermano" program is a game show at the end of the day, but we feel Pedro was so involved in winning, he was never really genuine. He was always thinking of what his next game move was. A mix of game playing and humbleness would have been better suited.

5. Pedro shouldn't win because... he's a cheater. The man complotted against his housemates, which is breaking the major rule of the house. Yes, the production did catch him one week, but what about the other weeks? Just because he was sanctioned one week, that doesn't mean he had not already planted the seed for the following weeks. We feel that because Pedro was a controversial player in the house, production was a little easier on him and that's not fair.

Ultimately it's the public that voted to evict throughout the season and are voting for their winner during this past week. If Pedro wins it will be a sad day and we are going to really question those people that voted for him. "Gran Hermano US" airs its final episode on Sunday, April 10 at 8pm ET/PT on Telemundo.

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