Guerrero Mass Violence: Beheadings, Torture, Machine Gun Violence Over The Weekend In Mexican State

Mexico Police
Mexico City police on tour. Reuters

Violence in Latin America has gone from bad to worse. With many people claiming that Mexican authorities are in over their heads, many residents no longer feel safe in their surroundings. It is being reported that over the weekend, the Mexican state of Guerrero had to deal with mass casualties.

Acording to FOX News Latino, in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero authorities discovered the decapitated bodies of eight men on a road outside Tixtla, bearing the signs of having been tortured.

This is not the first time Guerrero has been plagued with violence, as two years ago 43 teachers and studnets disappeared without a trace with any leads or suspects.

The site reports that authorities claim the Marines were off-duty when they were machine-gunned to death in a section that’s considered one of the most dangerous in the seaside city.  We recently reported that in Acapulco, the largest city in Guerrero which has been suffering through an especially violent year, 10 people were gunned down in separate incidents over the weekend, two of them members of the Mexican Marines.

Killings are reportedly up 5 percent this year over a very bloody 2015 in Acapulco. Authorities say 790 homicides were recorded from January through October.

While the authorities have an idea who is responsible for the vicious crimes, the investigation is still underway. Mexican federal authorities have taken Benito N into custody after his alleged role as the leader of the Beltrán Lleyva cartel assassin gang. 

While officials hope that the arrest of Benito N will slow down the violence, there are no guarantees that the bloodshed will come to an end anytime soon. Residents of Guerrero have yet to speak out about the latest bloodshed but many people believe that protest are to come.

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