Pedro Fernández Exiting 'Hasta El Fin Del Mundo' Telenovela?
Although initial speculation had been debunked, a new wave of of rumors point to the exit of Pedro Fernández from the 'Hasta El Fin Del Mundo' production. Televisa

Things are heating up on the set of "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" and it looks like one of its stars might exit the telenovela by the end of the month. Rumors of Pedro Fernández quitting the Televisa production have been rampant, citing his wife and daughters' jealousy as the cause. The "Yo No Fui" singer puts family first and his allegedly wife told him she would leave him if he continues in the telenovela. Fernández had asked the producer Nicandro Díaz to eliminate kissing scenes with Marjorie De Sousa to alleviate his wife's discomfort. However, things have not gotten better and rumor has it that Pedro has asked to leave the production to save his family. The implications of the main star leaving the primetime soap would have the producer scramble to find a new lead actor on par with Fernández.

Two names have come up to take Pedro Fernández's place on "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" and they are David Zepeda and Eduardo Yáñez. According to a report on radio show "Fórmula Espectacular," the producer is set to offer a press conference on Monday to clear up the situation and possibly name the new actor that will take his place. A Televisa insider has also said that a possibility being looked into is "graduating" Diego Olivera into the lead actor. He currently is coupled up with Claudia Alvarez, who plays one of De Sousa's younger sisters. That doesn't resolve the issue that Marjorie will not be coupled, unless they form a love triangle with her sister and completely change the original storyline. Would you prefer Zepeda or Yáñez for Marjorie De Sousa On "Hasta El Fin Del Mundo?"

"Hasta El Fin Del Mundo" is the story of Sofia Ripoll, a beautiful and intelligent woman with a strong character, is the General Manager of Ripoll Factory, Patricio Iturbide's girlfriend and the oldest sister of Alexa and Daniela. When her father died, she took charge of the family business since her mother, Greta Bandy widow of Ripoll, resolves to dedicate her life to the arts avoiding her responsibilities. Salvador Cruz, a simple, noble and sweet tempered man who is a racing driver and also a mechanic, due to a sabotage he misses the chance to compete in a very important race which ends with his dreams, being forced to accept a job as Sofia's driver. Both feel an immediate attraction that gives rise to a story in which they must go around a series of obstacles. One of these obstacles is Patricio, an ambitious man who, under the orders of Geronimo Peralta, uses Sofia as a corporate ladder to take over the lands located in the Union district where the Ripoll chocolate factory is also located.

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