It's been over a decade since Keeping Up With The Kardashians aired, and as viewers have seen the clan go through the good and the bad - they were also witness to how Rob Kardashian has shriveled up into being a shadow of his former self. The youngest of the Kardashian brood was good looking, funny and got along well with everyone - though he was especially close to Khloe Kardashian. 

He was often the voice of reason or peace maker whenever his sisters would squabble and was definitely the sibling with the least drama - but all that changed after his relationships with ex's Adrienne Bailon and Rita Ora started blowing up. Not too mention that he was the most affected when Khloe's marriage to Lamar Odom fell apart as he had grown very close to the latter. 

Rob's relationship with Adrienne was tumultuous, with it eventually ending after he admitted to cheating on the former Disney Cheetah Girl. Dating Rita Ora wasn't any better after he publicly accussed the singer of cheating on him with 20 men on Twitter. Khloe Kardashian then revealed that when she separated from Lamar Odom, Rob took it the hardest as he begun to look up to the NBA player as a big brother or a somewhat father figure. 

All this and more begun to take its toll on the younger Kardashian who then turned to eating and who eventually ballooned so suddenly that not only was he diagnosed with diabetes, but he even opted out of big sister Kim's wedding in Paris because he couldn't handle being on-camera. 

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian at her birthday celebration. Getty Images

Time went by and slowly, viewers became accustomed to not having Rob around - so it was quite a shock when he came out of his cave and began dating rapper, Blac Chynna, in 2016. Like his previous relationships, this proved to be rocky as well - after dating off and on, the couple quickly got engaged and soon after, announced that they were expecting a baby! They eventually broke things off and in an attempt to keep afloat with child support payments, Rob had to cut costs by giving up his pad and moving back in with mom, Kris Jenner. 

He's since been in said home and you can see glimpses of him in his sisters' Instagram and Snapchat posts, but he's still very adamant about staying out of the limelight. Currently, he's working on his mental, financial, and physical health, and has been looking to venture into businesses beyond his sock line. 

Will Rob ever come back to the show? Only time will tell. But if there's one thing for sure, his family will always have his back.