February is Heart Health Month and a good opportunity to learn about risk factors for heart disease and ways to help prevent a life-changing event such as a heart attack or stroke. Given Hispanic men have the highest prevalence of high cholesterol amongst all male adults in the U.S., it is especially helpful to share with Hispanic families inspiration for small, everyday changes, like swapping out bad fats for good fats, that can have a big impact on improving heart health. Delicious and creamy, fresh avocados provide naturally good fats and have the versatility to help makeover hundreds of dishes, from soups, salads to entrees, without sacrificing taste nor satisfaction.

"Heart disease and stroke are common and preventable so the key is to recognize the risk factors and take action," said Malena Perdomo, registered dietitian and spokesperson for Aguacates Frescos – Saborea Uno Hoy. "Start with small steps. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, replacing bad fats with good fats can reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood so empower yourself to be creative in the kitchen. Be open to adjusting ingredients as a way to limit bad fats and get the health benefits of good fats for the whole family." 

The effects of eating fresh avocados are continually being researched, adding to the growing body of evidence supporting their heart health benefits. The most recent clinical study focused on the relationship between avocado consumption and lowering bad cholesterol. Researchers studied 45 overweight/obese adults, exploring whether eating a diet with one avocado a day would reduce oxidative stress markers for bad cholesterol and improve antioxidant status when compared to a low-fat diet or a moderate-fat oil diet.

Saborea Uno Hoy was created especially to give Hispanic families easy access to nutrition tips and tasty recipes made with heart-healthy avocados. Grilled Salmon Tacos, for example, features a creamy avocado cabbage slaw, ensuring smiles around the table without having used as many fatty toppings. This recipe is part of the new Healthy Swaps for the Heart Cookbook, available now for free download.