Helados La Neta
Learn more about unique flavors that are aimed to create a sense of nostalgia, or invite you to experience a hint of Mexican culture. Helados La Neta

Whether is in a cone or a cup, a popsicle, or a bowl, we all love a good plain ol’ ice cream! Known as the most popular frozen treat, ice cream can come in different forms like, gelato, Mochi Ice Cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet, and icy pop, each one of them with unique and different flavors, ingredients, method of preparations, and presentation.

Although there are so many options to choose from, if we are looking for unique flavors that are aimed to create a sense of nostalgia, or invite you to experience a hint of Mexican culture in every bite, then Helados La Neta can take you to your roots if you are a proud Mexicano or Mexicana, and if not, can help you understand and enjoy the flavors, culture, and people of Mexico.

Made with real dairy and all-natural ingredients, Helados La Neta is a unique journey of flavor honoring Mexican traditions, and a celebration of vibrant Mexican culture. The portfolio includes seven bold artisanal ice cream flavors uniquely connected with treasured memories spent with family and friends.

"The name, Helados La Neta, came to be through discovering the notion of speaking ‘La Neta,’ which directly translate to ‘the truth'," Brand Manager, Ivonne Neri says, “La Neta is a unique journey of flavor honoring Mexican roots and traditions, a celebration of the differences that enrich us as a nation, and recognition to the strong force we all are united as just one vibrant multicultural community.”

In Mexican and Latinx culture, family comes first and nothing connects family more than sharing a meal, or a pint of ice cream, on a hot summer’s day. Find below a list of the tasty flavors of Helados La Neta.

Vainilla de México (Mexican Vanilla): This flavor features real vanilla extract from Mexico – the birthplace of vanilla. It’s a celebration of vanilla in its purest form, and one of the most prized flavors on the planet.

Horchata Clásica (Classic Horchata): This flavor was inspired by the most popular agua fresca from Mexico: Horchata. The flavor includes rice and cinnamon blended into a sweet cream mix making it an instant classic.

Aguacate con Limón (Avocado and Lime): Creamy with a bright delicate avocado flavor and a touch of zesty lime.

Chocolate con Canela (Chocolate and Cinnamon): Think Mexican drinking chocolate – a dense chocolate ice cream with a spiced cinnamon finish.

Crema de Coco (Coconut Cream): Honoring the flavor and texture of coconut, this coconut ice cream is topped with even more shredded coconut.

Ron con Pasas (Rum and Raisin): Dark rum ice cream with rum-soaked raisins effortlessly brings back memories of evening strolls down the streets with the family.

Fresas con Crema (Strawberries and Cream): A classic Mexican flavor featuring fresh and vibrant strawberry sorbet swirled with sweet cream.

Helados La Neta is available online here and in Walmart, H-E-B, Kroger, Safeway, Shoprite and The Fresh Market, plus other independent special food retailers across the nation.

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