Not too long ago, netizens went into a tizzy when Warner Bros. announced that it zeroed in on Robert Pattinson to play “Batman.” Turns out, yet again, that the search is on once again — this time for a new actor to play “Superman” in the DCEU.

So, in all likelihood, Superman films are well on their way to replace Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel. This might come off as a heartbreaking piece of news among Cavill fans, though there has been no official confirmation as yet.

Getting down to the deets, Cosmic Book claims that J.J. Abrams has been entrusted with the responsibility of finding a new Supes. And there’s a catch: the team is on the lookout for a new and younger superman.

The “Star Wars” filmmaker has allegedly signed an exclusive deal with the studio. This also means that he’ll soon get things rolling in terms of working with the DCEU. Speaking about what’s on the top of his priority list, it’s restarting the Last Son of Krypton’s adventures on the big screen.

The move can be attributed to the fact that the team is on the lookout for a younger talent. The reason is simple: the team isn’t too keen on “Superman” being older than “Batman.”

Henry Cavill Henry Cavill is "Superman" in "Man of Steel". Getty Images

“The emphasis is given on the young as the new Batman is also young,” said the source. “Pattinson is 33 years old aka the second youngest actor to play Batman, whereas Henry Cavill is 36. The production house doesn’t want Clarke Kent to be younger than Bruce Wayne,” the source added.

If one is to base expectations on what has been revealed, it’s clear that the new actor, who is slated to essay the character, will be in his early 30s — preferably someone who is younger than Robert Pattinson. 

Robert Pattinson Photo of Robert Pattinson. Romain Brami/Flickr

Taking a slight detour from this, here’s another exciting piece of info for fans: it can be noted that Jonah Hill is in talks with the production house to play the villain in “The Batman.” The actor is rumored to play either Penguin or the Riddler.

The ambiguity might pique the excitement of millions world over. Rest assured, it’s only wise to sit back and wait for things to unfold.

Jonah Hill Jonah Hill speaking at the 2012 WonderCon in Anaheim, California. Gage Skidmore/Flickr