As much as the initial success of Disney+ is something most young binge-watching audiences can’t stop gushing over, the numbers spell bad news to Disney’s other ventures. Here are three reasons as to why Disney + can hurt Disney in ways more than one in 2020.

Media networks will most certainly see a steady decline:  The cord-cutting revolution is a reality. And, it’s all set to get Disney’s media networks division— ESPN, ABC, and Disney Channel. The fact that users can now access and choose from a corpus of content in a shoe-string budget is one of the key reasons behind Disney + unprecedented success.

Needless to say, users can expect to see an acceleration in the cord-cutting cadence, all thanks to Disney+. A meager $6.99 a month is all you’ll need to get access to the world of Disney.

The end of the multiplex era: Movie theatre audiences are seeing a steady decline. And the widespread popularity of streaming services is the reason. Researches prove that Disney + did a prolific job as it scored the country’s six biggest theatrical releases in 2019—a year that saw the industry grapple under uncertainty.

That said, it now comes as no surprise to learn that Disney releases will see a dip in terms of audiences' turn out upon the realization that they can wait. Indeed, the tentpole movies needn’t worry as much—the movies will continue to draw opening weekend opening audiences, but casual viewings are very likely to see a dip.

Disney+ spells doom even to the happiest place on earth: On a lighter note, while Disney + might seem like an incredible tool to up the touristy intrigue around Disneyland, the next recession is likely to tip the results in Disney +’s own favor—turning touristy folk into homebodies. Given how it’s cheaper than most other streaming services.

Last but not the least, Disney + has something for all ages—the kids are sure to get hooked to “The Mandalorian”, while you could warm up on the couch and watch “Clone Wars” whenever time permits. Point is, you could scroll through those feeds to find your niche without creating a dent in your budget.

Disney Plus Official Cover Photo of Disney Plus Disney Plus/Facebook