Vote signage on pavement
Vote signage on pavement

Latino Gen Zs believe that the current U.S. political landscape is ineffective and lacks a political party that strongly represents and resonates among them, according to a new report by My Code.

The data: 1-in-3 of Hispanic Gen Z's are either non-partisan or unsure of their political affiliation. However, that does not mean disinterest on their end. Despite the lack of strong ties to either major U.S. political party, nearly all Latino Gen Zs eligible to vote plan to cast ballots in November 2024, shows the document.

Here are the main results of the survey:

-70% of Hispanic Gen Zs are currently registered to vote, and even more plan to cast a ballot in the 2024 elections, as an additional 12% will register to vote before November 2024.

-68% of Latin Gen Zs are interested in politics, and community impact is the leading driver of political engagement: 49% responded that impact on the community is what had the most influence when it comes to following politics.

Family and Community Fuel Political Commitment among Latino Gen Z's

A central factor that has driven the political engagement that this generation of Latinos harbors is their family background, as 9-in-10 Latin Gen Z members under 18 are U.S. born and nearly ½ are second generation citizens.4-in-10 cite this as their primary motivation for being politically aware.

"Seeing how their community has disproportionately born the brunt of economic turmoil, and how they now find themselves in the political crosshairs motivates Latino Gen Z's political engagement," reads a passage of the report.

Immigration will play a significant role in their decision: in the upcoming presidential election, 52% will only vote for a candidate that shares their views on the issue.

-62% believe immigrants are important to the nation's success, with their invaluable contributions to American culture, economic growth, population diversity, and employment growth.

-Additionally, 55% feel cultural, racial, and ethnic diversity is the cornerstone of the United States' strength.

"Latino Gen Zs have come of age during challenging times, which has galvanized this group's appreciation for and emphasis on community. These formative experiences have become foundational in their motivation in political involvement.", concludes the study.

This generation of Latinos wants to reshape the system by infusing it with empathy for the challenges their community and family have faced in their paths abroad and in this country, says My Code report: 68% feel undocumented Latino immigrants working in the U.S. should be allowed to become citizens over time. Also, 78% believe it should be easier for immigrants to become citizens.

"Latino Gen Z will play a meaningful role in shaping the country and its future. In the face of adversity, they are not accepting defeat and "burn out" is not an option. Instead, they fearlessly and unapologetically push forward to redefine the status quo for a more inclusive, equitable, and representative future."

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