A homeless man has been accused of killing an 18-year-old pedestrian just because the teenager allegedly accidentally bumped into him while they were walking in Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on Monday, March. 7.

On Monday, the victim, identified as Gurfan Shaikh, 18, a resident of Taware compound Bhiwandi, reportedly accidentally crashed into the accused Siraj Ansari 24, while both were traversing the area on foot. Ansari, who felt enraged over the minor collision, started arguing with Shaikh and, in a fit of anger, beat up the minor before proceeding to pick up a rock and bash the victim's head with it. Ansari then dumped Shaikh's body with some nearby debris and fled the spot, Hindustan Times reported.

The incident came to light after the victim's remains were found by a passerby on Wednesday, March 9, after he noticed a foul smell emanating from a heap of garbage in the area. The bystander then immediately informed Bhoiwada police about the discovery and a team of law enforcement immediately reached the spot to recover the body.

Following the gruesome find, the authorities informed Shaikh's mother about the alleged murder. Shaikh's mother had filed a missing person case and had been looking for Shaikh since he went missing on Monday, March 7, the Free Press Journal reported.

During the inquiry, the police discovered that one of the two homeless persons who frequented the area and slept on the street near Markaj hotel, identified as Ansari, had been missing since the alleged murder. The officers launched a manhunt and nabbed him shortly after on Wednesday, March 9, on murder charges.

After his arrest, Ansari confessed to attacking the victim and smashing his head in with a rock after the teen inconvenienced him after a minor collision. He added that after committing the murder, he dumped the victim's body beneath debris in the area and quickly fled the scene.

Ansari reportedly used to do odd jobs including the collection of waste cotton material from nearby power loom factories.

A man allegedly killed an 18-year-old pedestrian merely because the teenager bumped into him while walking on the road in Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India on Monday, March. 7. This is a representational image. Pixabay

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