Prince William has undergone quite a bit of a difficulty as a child, juggling his role as part of the royal family and his life as a growing individual. What made matters worse for the young prince was the tumultuous relationship of his parents, Princess Diana and Prince Charles, as well as the untimely death of his mother in a tragic car crash. 

These issues are considered a burden for most people, a memory that many will wish never happened to them. However, it is these heartbreaking moments that will ultimately make the Duke of Cambridge a better contender for the throne.

At the height of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marital issues, the teenage William understood the plight that his mother was going through, although William reportedly did not approve of Diana’s airing the family’s dirty laundry to the media. Author Christopher Anderson, in his book “Diana’s Boys William And Harry And The Mother They Loved,” revealed that the boy had felt trapped between the royal family and his mother.

“Mummy, do I really have to be a part of this family?” William supposedly asked his mother. “Diana shared details about her failing marriage and her struggles with the Royals with William from the time he was very young,” said a friend of Diana’s.

“He saw how his mother was being treated and it was hard for him to reconcile that with his duty as heir to the throne. At the time, he didn’t understand the disconnect. He loved his mother, but he also loved his father and the Queen. It was a terribly difficult time for him,” Diana’s friend continued.

Things became even more difficult for the young prince when his mother passed away. William admitted that he felt a “pain like no other pain.” But the prince turned this pain into a driving force for compassion and understanding toward other people.

This heart for compassion and understanding will make him an outstanding ruler, as already seen by how he interacts with others and his philanthropic works. The heartbreaking events of the future king’s life taught him to be empathetic toward others, which is strengthened by his mother’s example and his experience growing up in a “normal” environment.

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana Princess Diana of Wales as she poses at the Taj Mahal in Agra on February 11, 1992, and (LEFT) Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge(L), and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, as they pose during their visit to The Taj Mahal in Agra on April 16, 2016. DOUGLAS CURRAN,PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images