When Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced 22 years ago, many thought that Fergie would be totally stripped of her royal title and cut off from the royal circle. However, Fergie has remained the Duchess of York and still lives with Prince Andrew and their children up to this day.

Prince Andrew’s marriage to Fergie fell on its last legs after photographs of Fergie’s secret boyfriend, John Bryan, sucking on the duchess’ toes while she’s vacationing in St. Tropez were made public. While the scandal infuriated Queen Elizabeth, she allowed Fergie to keep her duchess status after her divorce from Prince Andrew.

Before the scandal rocked the royal household, Queen Elizabeth and Fergie had the best mother-and-daughter-in-law relationship. That's why even though things blew up between them after the scandal, Queen Elizabeth was kind enough to not strip Fergie of her royal title.

Divorcing a royal duke does not strip a duchess of her royal title; it strips her of her status. This is what happened to both Fergie and Princess Diana when they divorced Prince Andrew and Prince Charles. The difference, however, is that Fergie has remained woven into the royal family after their divorce. Her title Duchess of York is there to prove it.

While Fergie still has her royal title attached to her name, her royal status has changed a bit since the divorce. Fergie was bestowed her royal title when she married Prince Andrew in 1986. However, it is not the royal title that determines the weight of one’s standing in the royal family but the “His or Her Royal Highness” status.

Before Fergie and Prince Andrew divorced, she was Her Royal Highness Sarah, Duchess of York. Now she is called Sarah, Duchess of York, stripped of her “Her Royal Highness” status.

The lack of Her Royal Highness in her status signifies that while Fergie still has a royal title, she is no longer considered a prominent member of the royal family. This will totally change if she decides to marry another man as this will cause her to ultimately lose her “Duchess of York” title.

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, talks with ex-husband HRH Prince Andrew, Duke of York, as they wait for daughter HRH Princess Beatrice of York to complete the Virgin London Marathon as part of the 'Caterpillar Run' Team. Indigo/Getty Images)