A 69-year-old man was reported missing by his wife on Friday who never returned after going fishing near Hinchinbrook Island in northeast Queensland Thursday afternoon. Queensland police would discover his boat capsized in Gayundah Creek and members of the Department of Environment and Science captured two crocodiles near the area as part of the probe.

The two crocodiles were euthanized as part of the investigations. One of them, a crocodile measuring 14-feet-long, contained human remains. However, it has yet to be determined if the remains found were that of the missing fisherman, Andrew Heard.

“Our thoughts are with the family at this difficult time following confirmation from [Queensland police] that the crocodile captured yesterday is believed to be the animal involved in the disappearance of a man,” a tweet from DES read.

Heard’s wife was trying to radio her husband on Thursday but never responded. It was here when she decided to seek the help of local authorities.

For now, QPS acting inspector, Andrew Cowie, could only confirm that there were human remains found in one of the euthanized crocodiles. He also called on people to be careful, especially while in water.

"Anywhere in the north... if you're in the bush you have snakes and if you're on the water you have crocodiles,” he stated.

When experts examined the capsized boat that Heard used, they said it was likely that a crocodile had been involved. Cowie urged everyone the importance of informing people where they were, always have safety equipment at all times and being very careful.

"Always make sure you tell people where you're going, always make sure you have appropriate safety equipment, always make sure you're able to get to that safety equipment if you need to, in a hurry. Please be very careful," he said.

Heard, a lifetime member at the Cairns Cruising Yacht Squadron, described him as an all-around legendary person. A photo honoring the 69-year-old was posted on Facebook.

“Our hearts are broken for you and the loss of the love of your life and best mate,” the group said. “He died doing what he loves best.”

A 700 kilogram saltwater crocodile, Rex, eats a rabbit at Wildlife Sydney Zoo in Sydney A 700 kilogram saltwater crocodile, Rex, eats a rabbit at Wildlife Sydney Zoo in Sydney Getty Images | SAEED KHAN/AFP