Hurricane Otis caused major damage as it came ashore
Hurricane Otis caused major damage as it came ashore as a scale-topping Category 5 storm AFP

Hurricane Otis left 100 people either dead or missing in the Mexican Pacific resort city of Acapulco last week, as per authorities in Guerrero State.

The authorities shared on Monday that the toll has been raised to 100 after the hurricane traveled to Acapulco at 165 miles per hour (266 kilometers per hour) on Oct. 25. This not only caused flooding but also tore the roofs of several houses, as well as hotels and businesses.

Gov. Evelyn Salgado Pineda of Guerrero said 46 individuals were found dead while 54 were reported missing in the state.

The governor had a phone call with President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador to share updated numbers of dead and missing individuals, as well as the scope of damage caused by the hurricane.

Based on the estimate, the hurricane caused $15 billion worth of damage.

Meanwhile, the government has sent 17,000 armed forces members to distribute food and other important supplies to those affected.

Hurricane Otis intensified last week while moving toward Mexico's Pacific beach resort of Acapulco, leaving nearly 1 million people without electricity or internet service.

Some residents have opened up about their struggle in the aftermath of the disaster. Rumualda Hernandez, a 62-year-old resident from the Renacimiento neighborhood, said she has requested the government to send help.

"I was trembling with fear," Hernandez said as she recalled how her house was flooded with water at head height, according to Reuters. "I thought I was going to die."

Several fishermen and workers came together on tourism yachts at Acapulco's Playa Honda on Sunday afternoon to find their missing friends and co-workers, worrying that the officials were not doing enough.

A fisherman named Luis Alberto Medina shared that he has been looking for six other people who work with him in the harbor. "It was really horrible," he said, as per the outlet. "We've already found the bodies of others."

Aside from the damage, people also looted several stores and took products, including hot dogs, toilet paper and flat-screen TVs. One of the stores allowed looters to take away perishable items like food but tried to stop them from taking appliances. However, people still managed to loot refrigerators.

Asociacion Nacional De Tiendas De Autoservicio Y Departamentales, A.C. (ANTAD) issued a statement on Monday to slam this kind of illegal activity. "We condemn acts of robbery by the population. There is no justification for it," ANTAD said.

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