While we may not know what a real-life alien looks like, Reno Davis is as close to it as you can get. A powerhouse real estate mogul who built his success from the ground floor up, Davis is an entrepreneur with a taste for the finer things of life.

Amongst other gifts, Reno Davis has a knack for seeing things that other humans wouldn't see, and he lives in situations that other people might find unlivable. How else would you describe a modern-day alien character?

Reno Davis
Reno Davis Reno Davis

In a recent interview, the millionaire real estate entrepreneur spoke on his unique talent for seeing ahead. Think of it as the power of vision and Davis expresses great delight and enthusiasm about this particular gift.

"I can see the future before things even happen," he says. "I can pinpoint things that will happen before they do. I can know what people will think before they think about it."

At only 22 years old, he's done incredibly well for himself, building a portfolio of success that has become a source of inspiration for his millions of followers and fans on social media.

"I feel like I'm 30 because I'm so mentally advanced, and I feel like I can see the future it's almost like I can time travel in real-time," he enthuses. "I'm always thinking 2 steps ahead. I'm not afraid of risking everything to have what I want."

Speaking further, Reno Davis declares that he's a brand on his own and he has no need to look up to others or be inspired by them to get ahead in life.

"I am me and nobody else," says Reno Davis. "I don't want to be like anyone else. I'm my brand. I live life as if I'm the only one on the planet. I don't want to be like anyone else. I feel like I'm not from this planet.".

As the Miami-based businessman illustrates, the ability to see ahead and think ahead can help to place one ahead of the pack, and Reno Davis prides himself on always being a few steps ahead of others in the industry when it comes to wit, intuition, and ideas. Davis has a mind of his own, and his thought process is highly unconventional. But Davis is taking no prisoners.

"I can lead someone on in a conversation to make them give a certain answer that I was looking for," he says. "I look different from the rest of the world/other humans. I know that time isn't real. Things are just things. Money is just a number on the screen. Time is just a made-up number. Many things in life aren't real, and I am the only one who knows this. Life is just a preset."

Fitting into the status quo is certainly not an option for this fashion icon who is living life on the fast lane. Many people who know Reno one-on-one or follow him on social media will agree that his reputation as a savvy businessman is at par with his high fashion sense.

Reno Davis doesn't compromise on quality and he always goes for the best high-end products in designers and luxury goods. Davis' style is essentially based on quality.

"I only wear designer clothing because I'm looking for quality," he says, with glee. "And when you put designer clothes on, you're getting quality."

Davis sure has a reputation for looking good and smelling good, hanging out at the best restaurants when he has to, and rolling around in his expensive whip – a Jaguar or his Aston Martin cars. Whether it's clothing, sneakers, perfumes, fast cars, or even ice on his teeth, Reno doesn't compromise on quality.

"You look good, you feel good," he enthuses. "I like wearing flashy clothes and having good drip. I like to stand out from the crowd. You always want to look your best, especially on first impressions."

When he first went into real estate, says being motivated is key; if you find that you don't have enough passion for your job or business, then you might be in the wrong industry. It's a cliché, but you're more likely to succeed if you enjoy what you're doing.

So even though Reno Davis gets the feeling he might be from another planet, he says he likes being here for now, and he's bent on making every moment count. His story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the importance of chasing your dreams. Considering that his rise to fame has been so meteoric, from humble beginnings to building an empire through his hard work and dedication.

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