A woman who helps patients suffering from COVID-19 in the intensive care unit (ICU) went through the ordeal of watching her toddler suffer from the virus.

Even after taking precautions to keep her family safe, the toddler got infected. The mother shares how her son suffered after catching the virus. She says that it had left her feeling “defeated” as she could not do much to help her child.

Lindsay Rowan works as the ICU nursing manager in Oklahoma City’s Mercy Hospital. Being on the front line battling the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the nurse has been taking precautions to ensure that she did not bring the virus home. Yet, despite taking all necessary precautions her son, Jack was infected with the virus.

After the toddler tested positive for the virus, he spent four days in quarantine. The child was diagnosed with hand foot and mouth disease, a common virus that infects children and causes rashes. Within five days of being diagnosed with hand foot and mouth disease the child again had a fever. Lindsay believes that the COVID-19 infection weakened her son’s immune system making it easier for him to catch other viruses.

The mother claims that she is thankful her son did not require hospitalization. Across hospitals in Oklahoma City, ICU beds have become scarce. KOCO reported that hospitals were at capacity as COVID-19 patients were needed long-term medical assistance while recovering from the viral infection. The average stay for a COVID-19 patient is 6.2 days.

Jim Gebhart, community president of Mercy Hospital had stated that COVID-19 patients were being cared for by different units of the hospital. With no beds available the hospital had to turn back several transfer requests. The longer recovery time along with the high number of patients has made it hard for hospitals to cater to more patients.

Under these pressing circumstances, Lindsay had to return to her job. Her mother Cindy Rowan stepped in to care for Jack, News9 reported. Taking time off from work, Cindy ensured that her daughter was able to return to caring for patients at the hospital. She shared that her daughter’s job was valuable, so she decided to help by taking care of her grandson.

While Jack has recovered from the COVID-19 infection he continues to have a cough. He continues to regain his strength and energy.

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