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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has surged with most GOP voters, but slumped with Latinos. Yet he is well-known in the Latino community. Only 4 percent have never heard of him, according to a new poll. New York, September 11, 2015. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Latinos have a positive view of the Black Lives Matter movement, but still don’t know much about Bernie Sanders and are not fond of Donald Trump, according to a new Telemundo/MSNBC/Marist poll. It’s the first significant polling of Latinos and Latino voters since July, which was just the beginning of the so-called “summer of Trump,” and saw the GOP front runner ramp up and eventually overtake his opponents the national polls of his party.

Unlike Bernie Sanders, who is an unknown name to half of Latino households, one can’t chalk up Latinos’ opinion of Trump to ignorance. Only 4 percent of respondents said they hadn’t heard of Trump. Seventy percent have a very negative (60 percent) or somewhat negative (10) percent view of the GOP candidate.

Latinos are also much less supportive of Trump’s immigration views than the average American resident. The vast majority of Latinos (83 percent vs. 63 percent) support birthright citizenship for children of immigrants in the country illegally.

While the average U.S. resident is split on support for sanctuary cities, two-thirds of Latinos support them. Only a simple majority of Latinos consider “anchor baby” an offensive term, while 35 percent consider it accurate and 9 percent are unsure.

Black Lives Matter

The recent polls found that Latinos have a positive view of Black Lives Matter, but know less about the social movement than the average U.S. resident. But that positive opinion of Black Lives Matter falls within the margin of error of the average perceptions of that activism as mostly favorable.

That’s despite calls in Latino organizing movement media to support Black Lives Matter because of shared minority experiences. Back in May, Latino Rebels contributor Alberto Retana made one such call.

“I know that as Latinos we have it in our hearts and minds to stand up for Black lives. We cringe when we see the nightly news demonize and treat Latino immigrants as sub-human, so I know we have the visceral reflex to reject the current narrative about Black people,” Retana said.

The statistically significant differences between Latinos and the mainstream? Less had heard of the movement, and way less had a negative opinion. The takeaway: Latinos have a positive view of Black Lives Matter, when they know what it is.

Two high-profile shootings of Latinos by police have occurred in the past year, but they’ve received less attention by the media and less outrage on the streets.

That may be because Latino shootings at the hands of police are actually quite low, IBT reports . Police shooters of one of those victims, Antonio Zambrano-Montes, were not charged by prosecutors in Pasco, Washington for homicide in a case that occurred in February.

Other interesting highlights from the Telemundo/MSNBC/Marist poll

What do Latinos think about Bernie sanders? Most of them don’t think about him at all. In fact, many Latinos have never heard of top Dem and GOP presidential candidates

  • 53%have never heard of Ben Carson.

  • 60% have never heard of Scott Walter.

  • 50% have never heard of Bernie Sanders.

Republicans love Trump:

  • 48% believe that he his helping the Republican party.

  • 53% have a positive view of the candidate.

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