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The imposter, who reportedly stayed the night at barracks with Queen Elizabeth's Royal Guardsmen on April 26, also tried to deceive a pub landlord to get a free meal by posing as Prince Harry's American friend.

The intruder wearing a vicar's dog collar conned Coldstream Guards near Windsor Castle. He was allowed to spend the night at Victoria Barracks after reportedly trying to get dinner in the house at a pub. Fortunately, the pub landlord distinguished the fake persona when he tried to come in for a free meal, The Telegraph reported.

He reportedly told the boss at The Prince Harry pub in Windsor that he was a friend of the Duke of Sussex from the United States. The landlord said the imposter had been hanging around the area for several days, claiming to be a priest as he entered a fish and chip dinner.

"He said 'Prince Harry is a friend of mine and when I was here last year in 2021, I had to go back to the States to sort stuff out, and Prince Harry and Princess Markle said whenever I was in Windsor, I could come into The Prince Harry pub and have lunch and they'll sort it out," the owner of the pub recalled. "Needless to say, I just said 'no'. I knew it was a con, so I wasn't that interested."

The intruder then conned the royal guards by staying overnight at barracks less than 500 yards from Windsor Castle. The Coldstream Guards, an infantry regiment in the British Army that is known for their red jackets and black bearskin hats, have the responsibility of protecting royal palaces.

The guardsmen were said to believe the so-called man even without presenting any credentials or identifiable documents. According to reports, the man told the soldiers he was a friend of a member of the battalion's chaplain. He was then invited to eat, drink and exchange stories with the soldiers.

Meanwhile, the 96-year-old Queen was not present at Windsor during the reported time of the incident. The police assisted the imposter, but he was not arrested.

Windsor Castle
Photo of Castle of Windsor in Windsor, 26th May 2013. Mario Sánchez Prada/Flickr

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