Influencer Nadia Cartagena organized a racy party at a retirement home last month. It ended with an elderly woman getting medical treatment after she allegedly had a "heart attack."

Warning: Graphic content

The elderly people in Una Mano Amiga Foundation in El Prado, Cartagena in Colombia, were given dessert and enjoyed a show. It included a number of racy dancers, reported Daily Star. But the mood of the party changed after one of the revellers, a woman, appeared to have a heart attack. She needed the attention of medics.

A video of the party started off with a woman in boots and a leather thong twerking up against some of the men at the retirement home, reported Daily Mail. The video, which was posted online on Sept. 27, also featured various scenes of half-naked men and women performing for the elderly people. At one point, the strippers surrounded one elderly woman in a blue dress and a pink headband. Then the woman grabbed her chest and started to fall. One stripper grabbed some water after which the elderly woman was encouraged to drink. Later an ambulance arrived on the scene and the woman was attached to a stretcher.

Cartagena said that she held an "erotic party for older adults and I got the biggest scare of my life." She shared that she did not expect "what happened to happen and the truth is that I am very sorry." After the apology, she added that she "just wanted to give them some fun and I did not expect that situation."

According to local outlet El Heraldo, many were left furious at the stunt. The users said they "do not support this." One even said, "Nadia you overdid it, a party is fine, but with another theme, not like that."

But Cartagena later said that the video was actually a protest. She said that she wanted to send a message to the Cartagena Mayor's Office that elderly people needed attention and improved care. The influencer added that the theme party was organized after "authorization was requested, I have the evidence." Cartagena remarked that nothing was done against anyone's will, and they "did it with a lot of love, my entire platform is made of very good content, of social help." She shared that at no time was the purpose of the "video to annoy, abuse or take advantage of the grandparents, in fact, we made a donation to them after the event."

Representational image. Pixabay.