Patricia “Patty” Bladell (Debby Ryan) will return to continue her vengeful schemes in Netflix’s “Insatiable” Season 2. Vincent Rodriguez is onboard the series in a mystery recurring role. Spoilers teased that Patty will make more bad choices and turn full villain next season. She may face the consequences of possibly killing Christian Keene (James Lastovic) and Stella Rose Buckley (Beverly D'Angelo ).

Season 1 of Netflix’s dark comedy series concluded with Patty confessing to Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts) that she might have killed Christian and Stella Rose. Bob helped Patty push the car in the river as an attempt to hide the evidence that could point to Patty as a suspect. Unfortunately, the car did not sink thoroughly in the lake.

The entire cast and crew of the series are tight lipped about what will happen in the second season, so fans drew out conclusions for Season 2 from the Season 1 finale. One of the most logical plots for the next season would be Patty and Bob going to jail. If she and Bob escaped justice and realized how bad a person she really was in Season 1, she may embrace this villain side of her.

Or she could just move on from the murders. A source predicts that the murders can psychologically change Patty. And she could become more vulnerable and could possibly quit the pageant circuit.

Meanwhile, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” actor Vincent Rodriguez III joins “Insatiable” Season 2 for a recurring role. At present, there are no known details about his role in the series, but some fans predict that Rodriguez may become Patty’s new love interest.

The rest of the cast who will return for Season 2 are Christopher Gorham, Erinn Westbrook, Michael Provost, Kimmy Shields, Irene Choi and Sarah Colonna. No exact date has been released for the premiere yet. But as the first season premiered in August, Season 2 is likely to premiere around that time too.

It was a surprise for everyone when Netflix renewed “Insatiable” for a Season 2. The series received negative comments for its themes that involve fat shaming and statutory rape. The outrage received 200,000 signs online in a petition for its cancellation.