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Six rumored features coming to Apple's iPhone 7. Shutterstock/Denys Prykhodov

Apple's next iPhone iteration is more than likely to see a redesign for the smartphone. With the S model iPhone being released just a few months ago consumers can expect the company to release the iPhone 7 next year. When the device launches we are expecting to see the first major redesign since the handsets went big with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

The report from G for Games points to a number of prospective changes coming to the next generation iPhone, and while some are way more feasible than others, here are several features that may be intergrated into the forthcoming Apple iPhone 7.

iPhone 7 Concept
iPhone 7 concept by Marek Weidlich. Marek Weidlich/Screenshot

1. Wireless Charging - This rumor ties in with the recent news that Apple could ditch the audio port to shave off the thickness of the new iPhone. This is a feautre that many Android customers boast about and many Apple customers want. Don't expect Apple to make the iPhone 7's wireless charging capabilities compatible with existing wireless chargers, but rather the company will introduce their own charging dock.

2. Multi-Touch 3D Touch - This feature ties in existing iPhone features to give more use to 3D Touch. By combining two and three finger commands to 3D Touch's Force Touch users will be able to trigger certain commands such as going back a page or returning to the home screen. It doesn't seem practical, but it would make the 3D touch feature useful.

3. Fingerprint Recognition on Display - According to Highsnobiety Apple has already registered patents which coincide with this idea so fingerprint recognition on the display of the iPhone 7 wouldn't be that far off. Furthermore, adding fingerprint recognition to the display will allow Apple to remove its home button to add a bigger display but that probably won't happen anytime soon.

4. Dual Rear Cameras - Dual rear cameras is actually an older rumor that may finally come true on the iPhone 7. With two rear cameras the device could utilize optical zoom instead of the obsolete digital zoom found on the current iPhone devices. Out of all the rumored features this seems like the more doable and realistic rumors.

5. USB Type-C Port - This new iPhone is rumored to be the first of its kind with a reversible USB Type-C port, instead of Apple's Lightning connector. The USB port in question is found on Apple's latest MacBook model so having it on other devices would be a logical step for the company. It is said that by switching to the USB Type-C port the company is able to retain a slim device even with all the other hardware upgrades.

6. Split Screen Multitasking - Split screen multitasking, which features picture in picture, split view and slide over view may makes its way to the iPhone 7. Multitasking is a feature found on a lot of Android devices and it is a feature a lot of Apple customers want. With the upgraded processing power on the iPhone 7 it is likely the features will come to the larger screen device.

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