First Daughter Ivanka Trump’s juggling act is likely to work in her favor. She’s currently the presidential advisor, doing double duty of being an in-demand campaign asset and fundraiser, owing to her innate ability to pull in the funds.

The added responsibilities will mean Ivanka making more frequent trips to reportedly highlight her policy portfolio to deliver campaign messaging in strategically select states as the presidential election approaches.

As per a White House official, Ivanka is currently perceived as one of the most coveted campaign surrogates for events, after her father. She will be doing at least two to four days per week of visiting various states," said the official, while maintaining that her involvement in four fundraisers in the past one month alone has reportedly amassed $15 million.

In the past two weeks alone, Ivanka has toured Arizona, North Carolina, Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Georgia.  She is slated to visit in Florida and North Carolina, next week -- states where the polls are indicative of a close race between the President and Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

Thinking along similar lines, Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel reiterated the importance of Ivanka’s appearance. “Ivanka is a tremendous voice for the re-election effort,” said Mc Daniel. “The fact is, she's talking about issues at these events that other surrogates are not. She can talk about paid family leave, or workforce development, or the child tax credit -- issues that a lot of voters frankly haven't heard Republicans talk about as much this campaign,” she added.

In August, Ivanka raised $4 million after headlining a virtual fundraiser from the White House held on Zoom.  

Campaign sources attribute Ivanka’s intelligent strategizing to her high demand. The attribute gives her an edge to amass widespread support as opposed to her older sibling, Donald Trump Jr. whose raucous approach in rallies has attracted ire. On the contrary, Ivanka has always worn a mask and conducted large gatherings in the outdoors -- which has led to her being successful in conducting intimate discussion and Q&A.

“Ivanka is the Trump who can actually talk about issues and policy, not just rant against Joe Biden or fan the flames of hyper-partisanship,” said an official source. “Where Don is calling out memes and fuelling the base, she is having a conversation with voters who might be on the fence or voters who didn't go with Trump the first time around. This isn't about her mingling her White House credentials with the hard-core MAGA types,” added the source.

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