Jason Zullo a former police officer in Connecticut has been sentenced to two-years in prison for his part in a plan involving three other officers to harass and bully Latinos. On Monday Zullo was sentenced in a federal court and told the judge presiding over the case that he is not a racist. "I did not patrol the streets looking to prey upon Hispanics and repeat offenders," Zullo said. Zullo and his fellow officers were charged with obstruction last year. Zullo is accused of falsifying a police report when writing up an incident in which his police car struck a motorcyclist several times.

Zullo's defense attorney argued that the conspiracy case was "fundamentally unfair and an overreaction by the court." Defense council also argued that the case of the motorcyclist should not be considered part of the conspiracy since the victim was Italian-American not Latino. Prosecutors argued the incident was part of the larger case. "[Zullo] is part of a group of renegade cops who acted in complete violation of individuals' liberties and constitutional rights." Zullo took a plea deal and must report to prison by Jan. 16 in order to begin his two year sentence.

The four officers were accused of assaulting Latinos, illegally searching people while they were handcuffed, as well as trying to intimidate people. The officers worked in East Heaven which is a predominantly white area. Since 2009 police behavior toward Latinos in that area has been under watch by federal authorities. The Department of Justice issued a civil rights investigation that uncovered a pattern of discrimination against Hispanics. One of Zullo's fellow officers will be sentenced in February. The other two were found guilty at trial in October and each face a possible 20-year-sentence.

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