Jodi Arias was back on her Twitter account speaking to her 79,092 followers, letting them know she is selling wristbands in order to raise money for her appellate costs. In May 2013, Arias was convicted of first degree murder for the 2008 slaying of her former boyfriend Travis Alexander. The trial caught national attention as people were fascinated by the young woman who told lie after lie in the attempt to cover up her crime. Arias claimed she stabbed Alexander almost 30 times, cut his throat and then shot him in the head out of self-defense.

The jury did not believe Arias’ claims and found her guilty. The jury however, could not make a decision on how to sentence Arias. In the state of Arizona a first degree murder conviction comes with a death penalty option. The jury had to decide if Arias would spend the rest of her natural life in prison or suffer death by lethal injection. After two attempts the jury was deadlock and then dismissed. A new sentencing trial is scheduled to begin in mid-February. Despite the evidence to the contrary Arias paints herself as a survivor of domestic abuse.

Arias also feels her conviction was unjust and has a loyal band of followers who feel the same. As a result Arias has endorsed the sale of white wristbands in order to raise money for her appeals. Arias went on Twitter to say that “The only wristbands that are legit and that I endorse are the white ones being sold at” The wristbands are being sold for $25 and read either “” or “Free Jodi.” The description on says “Every purchase is…a pledge…towards the fight for Jodi’s freedom.”