José José is another celebrity that has been killed by social media after several sites picked up a story from a non-reputable source. The hoax was written on a URL from "Noticiero MVS" reporting that "El Principe de la Canción" had committed suicide. It was also reported that his wife Sara Salazar was not by his side and received the news via telephone that he was still alive. The "El Triste" singer was allegedly rushed to the hospital where he ultimately died. The horrible report also has a quote from the doctor that treated the 66-year-old artist. Social media users linked the article without checking other sources first, but what made this credible was an altered image from "Noticieros Televisa" which is contradictory because the news is from MVS.

José José's daughter Marisol, called in to "Formula Espectacular" and confirmed that his father is alive and well and going to have a presentation in Tijuana, Baja California. Similarly last week in a race to be the first to report on a story alleged reputable media published a story without checking their sources. The site reported on the death of Lupillo Rivera following his release form the hospital after suffering pneumonia. The ghost site had images with the Telemundo logo juxtaposed to make it seem they had first reported the news and they were screen captures. Investigating on the Telemundo website and social media accounts, this news was nowhere to be found.

People on social networks retweet the information and share it as if it was real causing the news to go viral. Due to the nature of how these services work, people get alarmed and do the necessary research and then it becomes to large to handle making the false statement true. Lupillo made light of news that reported he was dead. The singer posted a video on Facebook where he's allegedly talking to his mother-in-law telling her not to celebrate just yet. Jenni Rivera's brother took the horrid rumors with humor and informed fans not to believe anything that is published that is not on any of his official social media accounts.