If it is not one ex-boyfriend, it is another! Juan Gabriel is once again making headlines thanks to one of his ex-lovers who has revealed that he is publishing a book titled "Así Fue."  

The publication will soon make the rounds telling the intimate relationship between the Mexican singer and Sergio Ortega, a fan that quickly became one of Juanga's closest friends over 10 years ago after meeting in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico.

"My intention was only to ask for an autograph, look him in the eyes, and hear his voice say my name. That's all," said Ortega to Univision's "El Gordo y la Flaca," recalling the reason he followed Juanga after his shows in Mexico. Ultimately, Ortega was able to meet his idol and even established a friendship with the singer a decade ago when he had just turned 18 years old. 

For Ortega, this was the opportunity of a lifetime, even leaving to the United States with El Divo de Juarez. "How can I refuse? The first day we arrived we went to Las Vegas," said Ortega, adding that Juanga's team arranged a hotel room just for him. "He [Juan Gabriel] told me 'I live like 15 minutes away from here." In the interview, Ortega assured that he never had any sexual intimacy with the singer. 

Juan Gabriel Sergio Ortega will publish book about his relationship with Juan Gabriel. Univision/@ElGorgoyLaFlaca

"When I first met him I was very clear, I told him that I didn't want to meet him because of a personal need , but because of gratitude, to be able to say that I met him, that I know him, being able to talk to him," he said. "All my life I've talked about this and now I'll continue." 

Despite their close friendship, Ortega, who admitted he loves women, said he began to grow feelings for the singer. "It's inevitable because he treats you good, he invites you to places you never imagined," he said, sharing some of the most significant gifts he received from the "Hasta Que Te Conoci" singer. "He never asked for anything in return. He did other things that I appreciate. He gave me concert tickets, he wanted to give me a house, but I said no," said Ortega. 

Ortega, who will soon publish the book "Así Fue," confessed to the Univision show that he is still in love with Juanga. "It's love, but more than that, it's a respect. It's a transcending romance that I feel for him," he said. According to Ortega, Gabriel is well aware of the publication and has even asked him to include how much he loves Ortega also. 

Juan Gabriel Juan Gabriel performs onstage at the Billboard Latin Music Awards at Bank United Center on April 28, 2016 in Miami, Florida. Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images