Juan Gabriel
Juan Gabriel performs onstage during the 10th annual Latin GRAMMY Awards held at Mandalay Bay Events Center on November 5, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Getty

In April 2014, Juan Gabriel was admitted into a Las Vegas hospital due to pneumonia complications. Because of his condition, his representatives announced his U.S. tour "Volver 2014" had to be postponed indefinitely. A lot of rumors surfaced during his hospitalization, including a possible cancer case and even the singer’s death.

A year later, “El Divo de Juárez” returned to the stage of “El Auditorio Nacional” in Mexico City to kick off his new tour “Juntos” and to promote his new CD “Los Dúo.” Looking considerably healthier, the singer delighted his fans for almost 4 hours doing what his knows best: give one hell of a show!

During an interview with El Reforma last month, the singer-song writer revealed that he died at the hospital in Las Vegas but came back with permission: “I already died when I was in Las Vegas. I don’t remember if it was May or June, but I came back because they gave me permission to come back.” He then added, “I don’t know for how long, but I know that while I sing, write nice songs, record, and go up and down with my tours, I will transform into what I’ve done: music.”

JuanGa has won the audience over and over again with his music, and proved that you are never too old to own the stage. But according to a source close to the singer, he might be pushing it a little bit. A member from the 65-year-old singer’s team told TVnotas, “He doesn’t take care of himself, it’s going to be difficult for him to get better. He needs to follow a strict diet, drink a lot of water and eat healthy, fruits, vegetables, and everything in small portions, he also needs to rest a lot, and he is not doing any of that.”

The informant also mentioned Juan Gabriel’s weight gain and revealed he complains about muscle pain and lack of breath after every concert: “He complains about muscle pain, but what worries him the most is the lack of air. As soon as he finishes ‘un Palenque,’ he immediately walks to his dressing room, but he takes his boots off because he can’t walk in them, he needs someone to help get there.”

Of course his fans would love to see Juan Gabriel performing forever, but we hope he understands that his health comes first.

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