Juan Gabriel Still Alive? Cepillín Is Sure 'Divo De Juárez' Faked Death [VIDEO]

Juan Gabriel, Cepillín
Cepillín thinks Juan Gabriel is still alive. GettyImages/Twitter

Juan Gabriel was one of the most beloved musicians in Latin music and his loss is still felt today. Now Mexican personality Cepillín is raising his voice and casting doubt on the death of "El Divo De Juárez." In a recent interview on "El Show De Piolín" he has a theory as to why the music author had to fake his passing. "I am sure that he is not dead because if there is something you can't jump in the U.S. is death," he said. "If you look at things, we never saw the body. That same night the body was taken and the next day he was already cremated in Miami."

Cepillín also added: "It is a complete process when someone dies in a home. They have to get an autopsy and then you investigate. But what is the mystery of that night? The mystery is that he is alive." Piolín jumped in and asked if he was still alive and he answered saying, "I can assure you that he's alive."

What reasons would Juan Gabriel have to fake his death? "Fatigue, so many years working," Cepillín answered. "There comes a moment where his kids were exploiting him, they had him working day and night." Piolín asked that if he was not dead, where would he be and he replied, "in one of his 300 homes because he even had houses in the Bahamas."

Cepillín is suspicious that there's no official document that he's seen that details Juan Gabriel's death. "Show me his death because everyone, even the bodies of drug traffickers appear and in this case it didn't," he said. "How can Iván ... it hasn't been long since his alleged father died and he made a concert in Toluca where be brought a lot of artists to work and [Juan Gabriel] virtually ... that is what you call exploitation, but with a black tie."

Cepillín also said: "I want them to tell me where he was cremated, nobody knows." Watch the interview down below and tell us what you think of Cepillín's theory in the comment section!

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