Julión Álvarez stepped out and publicly addressed those who have been calling him machista, misogynist, chauvinist, and every other adjective used for men degrading women.

“What did they call me? Misogynist, and all that,” the 32-year-old singer told the media when confronted about the verbal attacks he’s been receiving on social media.

He continued, “I would never, I respect, admire, love, and admire whatever a person does. But, for Julión Álvarez, for Julio César Álvarez, a good woman, is a woman who stays in the house, and yes, the woman I have, or the one I would want to have, or the one I happen to have at the time, should be able to do everything.”

The regional Mexican music star proceeded to admit that he was still standing behind the comments he had previously made, and explained that it was his preference, having a woman who stays at home and warmly welcomes him every night.

Álvarez was criticized on social media earlier this week for saying he liked “women that can pick up a mop,” and arguing that you can have all the beauty in the world, but “if you can’t do that, he can’t work with it.”

Why the Chiapas native continues to talk about how he likes his women? We don’t know. He has reportedly been married to wife Nathaly Fernández since 2011, so he is technically off the market.

Either way, bad publicity is better than no publicity and the recent allegations are nowhere near affecting the singer’s career. TVyNovelas reports Julión Álvarez y su Norteño Banda have reached the number one position on Billboard’s list of Latin albums with their latest recording studio album, “Mis ídolos, mis amigos,” a compilation of some of the greatest hits the banda music world has produced over the years.