A juvenile boy from New Jersey was arrested on Monday and charged with the sexual assault of an old woman in her home, as local police continue their investigation of the assault to find more information on the incident.

The juvenile boy, whose name and age was not disclosed by local authorities, was in Parlin at Middlesex, New Jersey when he entered the home of the elderly woman, who was reported to be 68-years-old, and brutally assaulted her before stealing items in her home and fleeing, according to NBC 4.

When the juvenile entered the home, he reportedly looked for the woman and woke her up forcefully before sexually assaulting her. It is unclear as of writing this if the stolen items that the young boy had taken had been found and returned to the elderly woman. The juvenile had reportedly entered the home at midnight, and it is unclear as to what the motivation for the assault was, if the two had previously known each other or how the police were able to track and find the young juvenile, Mid Jersey News reported.

Middlesex County Prosecutor Yolanda Ciccone and Acting Chief Daniel Plumacker of the Sayreville Police Department made a joint statement on Tuesday regarding the arrest of the juvenile, though clarifying that the case is still an active investigation and thus not many details could be given at the time.

The juvenile will be charged with juvenile delinquency for offenses that, if tried to an adult, would be equivalent to aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, burglary, and theft.

The local police department did not clarify as to the state of the elderly woman who was assaulted, nor did they elaborate as to the condition of the juvenile or where the young boy is currently being held.

New Jersey Juvenile Assault Rep. Pic
A juvenile boy from New Jersey was arrested on Monday and charged with the juvenile equivalent of sexually assaulting an old woman in her home and stealing her belonging. This is a representational image. Michael Förtsch/Unsplash.